Thursday, February 16, 2017

POETRY FRIDAY: "Note of a Warbler"

Note of a Warbler

I am not brave,
Except as leaves are brave
Pitching witless
On the wind—

How, if I save
Myself from those who have
It in for me,

From a green height
And, caught out, shrink from sight
To fool a hawk,
Can I stand

My weight of fright
That wobbles me in flight
And faults my song,
My sound?

© 2017 Steven Withrow, all rights reserved


April Halprin Wayland said...

Love the way you use rhyme in this one, Steven. Thank you!

Sally Murphy said...

Beautiful Steven - both poem and picture. Thanks.

Molly Hogan said...

Love the picture and the notes from this warbler--both musical and reflective. Well done!

Bridget Magee said...

Love this tiny poem and tiny bird, Steven. =)

Carol Varsalona said...

I like your image poem, Steven. The photo is vibrant and lends itself to reflect while the bird warbles his tune.

Kiesha Shepard said...

Such a beautiful poem, Steven. I have never seen or heard a warbler in my neck of the woods, though your image and words make me wish that I could. Thank you for sharing!

Jane @ said...

One of nature's tiny treasures, perfectly captured.

Jone MacCulloch said...

"weight of fright", that image. Thank you for sharing this.

Alice Nine said...

Beautiful. Soul-searching metaphor. Thanks, Steven.

Mary Lee said...

Oh, little warbler, don't doubt yourself, don't wobble. Remember, when you save yourself (no matter how or why) you also save your song. And the world so needs your song.

Steven Withrow said...

Thank you, all. Like most poems about birdsong, this is also a lyric about writing poetry.